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Floyd "Sparky" Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier - Generation 2

Documents show this version was in the order of 100 - 111 Watts Output. The Generation 2 VTA is an enigma. Its contradicts all the information we know about the VTA! Some points of interest:

1: The 211A is a Square Wave Oscillator - We have been under the impression that a Sine Wave input was critical?

2: The Big Sponge underneath indicates that the VTA Generation 2 was prone to Vibrations or Noise and Floyd was trying to Dampen these Vibrations or Noise!

3: Only One Magnet was used! This is also unusual of the VTA and also indicates that Floyd was trying to do something a little different to test a theory. We know that Revision Two of Generation One was in the order of the same output.

Ref: Thanks Jerry!

The HP 211A Square Wave Generator

The last evolution in the 50s of the signal sources product line would be the 211A square wave generator introduced in the Hewlett-Packard Journal, May, 1955, volume 6, number 9.

Main specifications were: Continuous frequency coverage from 1 cps to 1 mc. Output 7 Volts across 75 ohms or 55 Volts peak-to-peak across 600 ohms with a rise time of 20 milli micro seconds (as noted in the specifications listing - Rise time value expressed in nanoseconds was not yet a current practice in 1954)


Also included in the Generation 2 VTA could be these pictures from John Bedini:

Unfortunately there is very little information on the two above pictures and this cant be verified as to the output/Generation precisely.