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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

HI Everyone,

I want to share this as it has been a side project for many years. Some of my close friends know my progress on this technology. All credit to Stan Meyer with this technology and sharing t with us. I was part of the early Joe Cell groups and had a bit of success in this group but was disheartened about a few things. The circuit I am using is a modification of the Dave Lawton Circuit which has been changed a bit since these pictures were taken. The transformer is a 240/14v@3amps out with the 14v@3amps connected between (in series) with the positive input into the cell. The diode is to stop b-emf coming back into the circuit and put it back into the Cell to increase HHO output. I am rectifying the 240v output and dumping it back into the cell also. It seems to help a bit but maybe only 2-3 percent if even that.

In place of the Tip29 NPN Transistor I am currently using a SSS10N604 - 107 from Fairchild as I am getting a faster pulse time for the power input I am using. Also less heat and Power wastage.

I can put straight DC into this cell and it draws 21 Ampers. Heats up the cell and I get brown dirty Water. No real benefit to the cell or the efficiency of the cell. With pulsed DC and the Coil in the transformer I can limit the input current and get some good efficiencies as you can see in the Pictures. I have not measured the output yet and currently do not have any plans to. I am of the opinion that HHO is a good technology but has a big dependency that Magnetic devices do not have. A dependency on  fuel   -   Water.

Dave, Thanks for sharing your expertise with us ;0). Download my version of the Dave Lawton Circuit. Click Here

Use Circuit Wizard to open this file. 30 Day trial can be downloaded here

Well more coming soon as always.