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Hi Everyone,

My last Update I was quite confident that I have finally found an amazing technology that was the answer to all our questions.

I believe I was wrong about Floyd Sweet using this as a means of operation of the VTA. I can clearly show that Floyd did know about this NMR Induction technology but I believe he did not have the right equipment to make this work  correctly. Richard Vialle has shown excellent ideas and concepts that are proven in the lab. I have done some experiments and can confirm that this technology works. My work was not Over Unity however. Please don't dismiss this technology as being amazing because it is still a very important concept to know about.

Wave Length

Please Note: For this type of thing to be experimented on properly, one must take into account some things that have not really surfaced anywhere. Wave Length of the EM Field Absorbed in the Copper Coil at the Centre of the Spirally Traversing Coil!

Take the total Length of the Coil, this is the Copper Wire that is traversed by the Spirally Traversing Coil, The Length of this wire or coil needs to be One Half, or if you Earth one End of this Coil, One Quarter the Input Frequency Wave Length.

So for 1 Meter, the Wave Length is 300MHz / 2. This means that the Richard Vialle U  Device should have an input Frequency of 150MHz input to the Spirally Traversing Coil, or if one was to Earth one end of the U Device, then you could use a Quarter Wave Length whish is 75MHz.

Please Note: This is entirely dependant on the Medium. E.G: In Coax Cable, the Speed of Light is only 66% of the Speed of Light in a Vacuum, thus Wave Length is 66% Slower, Normal Enamelled Copper Wire is 96% of the Speed of Light so be careful with exact Calculations.  

My next Version of the Coil:

My Richard Vialle Replication:

I have for a few years now been pulling my hair out to find an avenue that may open up that will lead us to more answers to the VTA. The Vacuum Triode Amplifier was and still is the best option for clean energy future. I firmly believe this.


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