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The MEG Replication Project by

Please Note: The MEG is a Patented Device. has been granted permission for this Replication by The MEG's Inventors.

I have seem some fairly good results on this configuration. In early tests, although there is room for measurement error, I have measured from 98% to COP = 1.137 in the MEG's performance. It takes some adjustment to get this. My Actuator coils are 20 turns of AWG 18 (1mm Wire) and my Power coils are AWG 12 (2mm Wire). My Wave on the output is not like the MEG Patent waves that were shown so as yet I have some work to do.

Test 1:

Load 18 watt globe.

7.4 Volts
1.9 Amps
14.06 Watts

13.11 Volts
1.22 Amps
15.99 Watts

COP = 1.137

I have a Square wave driving the MEG at the moment and have not used Decay and Rise time control yet as Tom Bearden said. The Capacitors you can see in the circuit to try to get the Rise and Decay Time adjustment have not been tuned yet. I think my actuator coils may not be optimal. I think I may change them soon to see if I can get a better result. My tests so far are not in line with the MEG Patent and this result may be due to the transients that are visible on the scope, although small this could be where the extra input is coming from.

This early result took some work to get. Most of the tunning I did I saw a bad result and a lot of energy is wasted in the input coils when not tunned right. I still have a long way to go before the MEG has been replicated correctly.