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The Switching Thyristor



The Picture above is a fast switching thyristor available from This is basically mounted between two heat sinks and will switch the pulse frequency to the big conditioning coil. The switching frequency is up to 1 KHz. The thyristor is rated at  720 Amps and 1600 Volts. The data sheet can be read here

Coil configuration.


Conditioning coils are now built and tests on the coils are being done to get them as close to Floyds setup in the video.  The big main coil is 1 Ohm and the inside coil is at 3.2 ohms. The inside needs to be no# 15 wire with an ECR of 4 ohms. The large coil has a diameter of 150 mm.



The two coils sitting apart. The larger coil is the conditioning coil and the smaller coil is the resonant coil. The resonant coil is to used to put the magnets into a resonant state. The magnets sit on the larger conditioning coil to get the resonant frequency.


The next picture shows how the larger conditioning coil goes over the smaller resonant coil.

This picture shows the smaller resonant coil inside the larger coil.

SQM Magnets.


The magnets that I have are bought are from They are Anisotropic barium ferrite magnets and measure 100mm x 150mm x 25mm. I am currently using PCV tube 100mm x 150mm x 50mm as the holder.



The current size of the wire is 1.5 mm and it might be to big for the Amplifier to give it the correct wave form efficiently. A new roll of no# 15 gauge wire will be purchased this week and wound on to the spool. The Impendence is a bit low also. 3.2 Ohms and Floyd mentions in the video that it is supposed to be 4 Ohms. The large coil is pulsing nicely. I currently have a step down transformer with an output at 120 Volts 60 Hz pulsing into the Large coil. The wave form is not yet what I am wanting to achieve. My basic circuit needs some improvements. The size of the wire on the large coil is currently 1.5mm and measures 1 Ohm. I am currently thinking this coil might need to be Bifilar instead of just the single filer coil I currently have. I am currently testing field strength versus wire size and impedance. More work will be done tomorrow and Pictures will be posted.