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Hi Everyone! Today's update is a ripper!

First of all, thank you very much to this anonymous person for donating these documents! There are some very good people out there! You are one of them, Thank You!

Floyd Sweet Historical Documents (some never released on the internet before) are now uploaded.

NOTE: This page will be updated with transcribed/Restored documents as time goes on. Please check back to this page on a regular basis to download transcribed/Restored documents.

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I have received these documents in files:

Sparky's Writings <--- Click Here to Download Lab Notes - Full 1200dpi Scans of the original Documents.


A Dimensionless Viewpoint of a Four-Dimension Cosmos NEW Thanks Patrik

Cosmic Rays, Natural Magnetic Fields, Coherent Quanta Energy and Aurora Borealis

Flaws in the Ecklin Theory

Intergalactic Space Travel

Letter to Mark from Sparky NEW Thanks Patrik

Magnetic Resonance by Floyd A. Sweet. PH. D NEW

Space-Quanta Modulator - Clean-Propulsion Power Now! NEW

The Energy-Matter Involute NEW Thanks Patrik

The Space-Flux Coupled Alternator NEW

Validating Quantum Electrodynamics' Interaction of Radiation with Matter NEW

Note: All documents above were contained in the "Sparky's Writings" Folder. Not all documents were labelled with authors name or date on the document. On these documents I have added Floyd Sweets name as the author to these documents because they were in the "Sparky's Writings" folder.

Lab Notes <--- Click Here to Download Lab Notes - Full 1200dpi Scans of the original Documents.


Click Here

Not Yet Transcribed

Not Yet Transcribed

For the Floyd Sweet Historical Record, I have scanned all documents at 1200dpi. Some documents are very poor quality and the text is not very legible. So I have scanned with high resolution so you can zoom right into the documents to read better. By zooming in, the resolution will make the documents more legible at higher zoom.

Its very important we get the Historical Record right, and keep this in good quality for the next generation of inventors/Researchers if we fail in our replications!

Its important to Note: Not one of these documents, anywhere, mentions "Conditioning" of the Barium Ferrite Magnets. I find this rather interesting.

"The Lab Notes Incident"

"The Notebook mentioned above was the property of the AESOP INST associate Darryl Roberts. Darryl Roberts had Sparky sign/initial and write on some pages only. Only Fax Copies of the Note Book were send away for initial replication of Floyd Sweets Space Quanta Modulator after Floyd had obtained the first successful results. So the original Note Book can only be in the hands of those that hold it close. I have only released copies of copies which still has given us excellent information. It is clearly noted in the Lab Notes/Floyds Writings that we have Floyds Initials on, that, there was only two named references to the VTA of Floyd Sweet, 1: "The Space Quanta Modulator" and it was also referred to as  2: The "Oscillator" in some block Diagrams. The Lab Notes/Floyds Writings date back to 1985/1986 when John Bedini started to appear on the scene.

 I have emitted names and locations but Australia was not involved in the Notebook incident at all.

So I guess from my point of view, the Notebook was never stolen as it never belonged to Floyd Sweet or anyone other than the AESOP INST associate Darryl Roberts.