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Hi Everyone,

Today we are experimenting with FGM's (Flux Gate Magnetometer) and learning more about the Magnetic Field and how moving the field is easy when the right understanding is obtained. Its actually a very simple device in appearance and easy when the right understanding is obtained. The first two I built were not a good as the third.




How the Flux Gate Magnetometer works:

It is important to think of the Ring Core as two separate halves, Flux Modulates here.

Ref: Imperial College London Please visit for a very good explanation of how the FGM works.

I have used this basic device for the experiment. I removed the coils taped in black and wound one big coil on the outside of both formers.

There are some real considerations to be made here, the Core is the biggest problem. I did not get the explanation out very well in the video, but, the BH Curve is very important and Saturation of the core by the Magnets is a real problem. Funnily enough the BH Curve is related to the Aharonov Bohm Effect Tom Bearden talks about. Now we have data that says Floyd used Air Cored Coils and we know Air cant be saturated. Could this be why Floyd used Air Cored Coils?

Typical BH Curve:

As the Permanent Magnets move onto the Core, the Core BH Curve changes and the Domains in the Core get harder to move due to the External Magnetisation.

Remember John Bedini said: "Here are the only tools Sweet had. Small oven, old TV set, Amplifier, the rest Walt R built.". (Funny that an Amplifier is needed to run the above FGM project) A Quote from Tom Bearden: "The device serves as a gate or switching device for polarized vacuum energy.". Tom has always said, the Device acts like a Triode, and it "Gates" Energy. Walter Rosenthal said: "The VTA "likes" to always see a minimum load of 25 watts." Could this be because it does take some "Feed Back" energy to keep the VTA Driven. It is also important to note again another quote from Rosenthal: "The VTA can be started by momentary connection of a 9-volt battery to the drive coils when the machine is operated in the self-powered mode. The operation is stopped by momentary interruption of power to the power coils."  Walter Rosenthal did also supply us with this schematic:


Notice the feed back in the below picture referred to in the last Update 30-03-10 in Sparky -- 1987 document.

and notice the similarity to the FGM

Could it be that the VTA (or the Space Quanta Modulator) is simply an advanced version of a Flux Gate Magnetometer? Logic certainly seems to point to this possibility!

Click Here to download an animation of the Flux gate Magnetometer

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter. Our thoughts are with the Californians in the 7.2 Earth Quake that hit today.