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Floyd "Sparky" Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier - Generation 1

Documents show Generation One VTA was in the order of 6 - 19 Watts Output, Revision two of the Generation One VTA was 100 - 110 Watts.

Below is the first Space Quanta Modulator or better known as the Vacuum Triode Amplifier of Floyd "Sparky" Sweet. The first successful test of the Space Quanta Modulator was on 19th day of the 5th month of 1986.

Mark Goldes and Darryl Roberts were shown the successive test results on Saturday the 24th of May 1986 at 3pm. Pictures of the tests are shown below:

Floyd Sweet and Mark Goldes, formerly of MPI (Magnetic Power Inc), and now of Chava Energy - This picture was taken before John Bedini and Tom Bearden were on the scene.

Ref Mark Goldes :

"I began the search for alternatives to oil with the non-profit Aesop Institute in 1973. It has spawned MPI as well as the previous firm, SunWind Ltd., which created the Windmobile. That freeway capable, wind-electric powered vehicle was the cover story for Popular Science in November of 1976. SunWind ran dry in 1983. Only young people liked the idea of driving down the freeway in a vehicle that looked more like a jet airplane. Folks with funds wanted something that looked more conventional.

The following year, the late Dr. Robert Forward, then a physicist at Hughes Aircraft, published a paper in Physical Review B, a refereed physics journal, suggesting we could get electricity from Zero Point Energy. Shortly afterwards, an inventor contacted me, claiming he could build a magnetic device that would provide electricity without fuel or conventional input. MPI began by providing him with some modest support. He demonstrated an OU device to me some months later. Unfortunately, he was unable to reproduce it and it could not be patented or commercialized. His name was Floyd "Sparky" Sweet. Although he has passed on, his invention continues to intrigue."

Mark Goldes funded Floyd Sweet in the early days before Tom Bearden and John Bedini were on the scene (1985 - 1986). The Lab Note's incident is actually another lie that has been told, as the Lab Note's were actually taken by formerly of the Aesop Institute and added to by Floyd "Sparky" Sweet in parts. So, the real true storey goes, the Lab Notes were taken by Darryl Roberts, added to by Sparky, and then sent to another researcher to be replicated as a proof of concept of Floyds first Generation 1 SQM/VTA results that was shown to Mark Goldes and Darrell Roberts. Lab Notes were taken in the 5th and 6th months of 1986.

These Lab Note's were the property of the Aesop Institute and were not stolen at all.