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We are here, because we care. has been around in slightly different forms since 2001. We believe there are two things holding us as Humans back from Evolution, first and most important are Energy independence; the second is the current monetary system with all its corrupt and self-supporting oligarchic elite that can only benefit from being corrupt. The later, we can do nothing to change. The prior, we can try to do all we can. History has proven time and time again that Energy Machines can be built to self-support themselves and power everyday appliances as well. Thousands of names could be listed but of those thousands of names only a handful cannot be denied for their authenticity. Some names I have decided to concentrate on and research. The public, being you, are encouraged to help and do your part to change the world for the sake of our children and our children’s children. It is after all up to us to mold the future.

The power of a determined mind with support from others also determined cannot ever be controlled. The world is changing, it’s now a matter of, we either make it, or we don’t, as an evolved race. Technology can be used for good or bad purposes, but generally I see many more good people on this planet than bad people. It’s time we started to take back some of the control we have let slip away and take responsibility for ourselves and our future.

In my years running I have communicated with many thousands of people all trying to do their bit to improve and replicate devices that have appeared throughout the timeline in history. Ideas and areas of interest can vary dramatically but generally all of these people are awakening to the same thing.

The Golden Age is upon us!

It may be a rocky ride in the next few years. We are seeing many devastating events, from Earthquakes, Floods, Famines and many more. It’s the end of the Age of Pisces and we are about to, or have begun to move into the Age of Aquarius. The most exciting age of all, for so many reasons. The readings of Edgar Cayce state that eventually one hallmark of this New Age could be described simply as “purity.” (1602-3). In addition to purity, the readings suggest that the Age of Aquarius is ultimately one of globalization in terms of understanding that each individual is responsible for every other individual. Ultimately, a time will come in our collective history when we become cognizant of this fact. Nations will understand their responsibility to all other nations and the citizens who live in those nations. One of the concepts contained in the Cayce readings is that ultimately everyone in the earth is a brother or a sister. And a conscious realization of that fact is part of the promise of the next age. In addition to globalization and purity, the Edgar Cayce readings also state that spiritual consciousness will reach such a height of development during this period that eventually each individual will be able to communicate directly with the Divine.

"We may find in a material world: Envy, strife, selfishness, greediness, avarice, are the children of MAN! Longsuffering, kindness, brotherly love, good deeds, are the children of the spirit of light."

Edgar Cayce: Reading: 5753

So if we work hard for the good cause, it can only ever benefit us and our future. We are here, because we care.