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I can't stress this enough, One MUST learn how Electrical Energy is "Generated" to know the basic underlying principles!

These most important fundamentals, are key for direction. Key to understand and grasp! All the successful Inventors before us have studied and understood these fundamental concepts! I list a few below. First, some basic information of How Electrical is "Generated"

Please study these Important fundamental concepts if you have not already! Lenz's Law is Equal and Opposite, so to "Generate" Elelctrical Energy, we must see Magnetic Field Opposition!

Words of Wisdom - From those that Know!

Simple Experiment:

Start at the start, understand the MrPreva Experiment, understand how Electrical Energy is "Generated" - Only when an understanding has been achieved, then one will gain direction. See: - The Akula TPU, it's the same tech across the board! One must have direction however! See:

Floyd Sweet

If the directions of the two signals are such that opposite H-fields cancel and E-fields add, an apparently steady E-field will be created. The energy density of the fields remain as calculated above, but the value of the E-field will double from E/2 to E.

Steven Mark

Don Smith

Ruslan Kulabuhov


PRINCIPLE OF THE INVENTION - Watching closely what happens in a Dynamo in motion, is that the turns of the induced circuit approaches and moves away from the magnetic centers of the inductor magnet or electromagnets, and those turns, while spinning, go through sections of the magnetic field of different power, because, while this has its maximum attraction in the center of the core of each electromagnet, this action will weaken as the induced is separated from the center of the electromagnet, to increase again, when the induced is approaching the center of another electromagnet with opposite sign to the first one.

Because we all know that the effects that are manifested when a closed circuit approaches and moves away from a magnetic center are the same as when, this circuit being still and motionless, the magnetic field is increased and reduced in intensity; since any variation , occurring in the flow traversing a circuit is producing electrical induced current .It was considered the possibility of building a machine that would work, not in the principle of movement, as do the current dynamos, but using the principle of increase and decrease, this is the variation of the power of the magnetic field, or the electrical current which produces it.

The voltage from the total current of the current dynamos is the sum of partial induced currents born in each one of the turns of the induced. Therefore it matters little to these induced currents if they were obtained by the turning of the induced, or by the variation of the magnetic flux that runs through them; but in the first case, a greater source of mechanical work than obtained electricity is required, and in the second case, the force necessary to achieve the variation of flux is so insignificant that it can be derived without any inconvenience, from the one supplied by the machine. Until the present no machine based on this principle has been applied yet to the production of large electrical currents, and which among other advantages, has suppressed any necessity for motion and therefore the force needed to produce it.