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Hi Everyone,

  I have learnt a lot in the last few weeks. I am getting somewhere in my research and have found some very exciting stuff. In the below configuration you can see two Permanent Magnets with the North Poles facing in towards each other. In the Centre you see a Core and a Coil running the full length of the core.

below you can see the fields

Below you can see we have added a Coil in front of the Permanent Magnet, this coil must be inside the above seen field, it also must be adding to and not in repulsion to the PM it is in front of.

Again here you can see we have the same thing but in the opposite direction.

At no point are the input coils in opposition to any PM's. The Opposition is all due to the Permanent Magnets field. All we are doing is electrically bringing the Permanent Magnets Field of one of the PMs closer, and at the same time adding to its strength. By doing this we see the fields modulate through the path of the Core and initial coil mentioned. this coil can be the output coil. There are some amazing effects to be seen here.


1: No Lenz Law is exerted on the Input Coil from the Output Coil.

2: Lenz Law is seen on the moving PM's field and the Output wave form changes due to load on the Output coil.

3: Input is less than to be expected.


This is a big step forward. This is all due to the experimentation of Faradays Law in my last Youtube Video (Below). Seeing and understanding the necessity of having PM's Flux moving at right angles to the conductor makes the Generation of Electrical Power a real and very close reality as long as we all embrace it and do this for ourselves. As you may see there is the possibility of a big increase in efficiencies and easier Flux movement if the Geometry were modified to the closed C Cores we have been working with. Remembering we need the coils as close to the PM's as we can. In this case a Rectangular custom core may be better with a very thin top and bottom plate to ensure the Movement of Flux still occurs.  


Remembering this is still very early results and no OU has been measured. This work does allow for this fact because we don't have the necessity of separating Flux (Flux Linking Law E=-dPhi/dt) we only need to modulate Flux (Flux Cutting Law E=Bvl) and this can be done with very little power like Floyd said all those years back. This is very exciting and the prospects are very encouraging.

NOTE: It is VERY Important the Coils are all wound on in the same direction.



This is 720P so Download and convert to get better res.