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Hi Everyone,

Today I am showing a very significant finding that we have had staring us right in the face for years. This video shows that a device can be self-assisted in its operation by a set of coils that are opposing and wired the same as the SQM Schematic, but in a dead short. Many may not see the significance but with study and experimentation you will see its significance. Also see the Flux Gate Magnetometer experiments to find more on Coil windings. Remember the Feed Back and Feed Forwards we have covered also.

I show in the Video below: Self Assisted Oscillation in a Shorted Coil - Bucking Magnetic Field Oscillation, or A Vector Potential Oscillation.

"Sweet was also a transformer designer and expert, and he remarked that he had also observed specialized self-oscillation in certain transformers."

Ref: Energy From The Vacuum by Tom Bearden

"On rare occasions, Sweet saw this effect, called self-oscillation, occur in electric transformers"



This is a Self Assisted, Bucking type, A Vector Potential Oscillation. It can be improved hugely, and is quite possibly able to self power a device. The information and schematics have been around for a long time and I have only re-discovered this important information. Daniel McFarland Cook, Nikola Tesla, Lester Hendershot, Ed Leedskalnin, Floyd Sweet and many more no doubt have used this effect to achieve above unity devices.

In my Device - A Vector Potential Oscillating Coils:

  • 310 turns of 1mm wire.

  • Core CSA 11Sq CM's.


Huge improvements can be made from what I have shown you today. With more people helping and sharing information we can easily and cheaply build these devices to self power our homes.





  • The Core has this A Vector Potential Spin on it and this needs to be accounted for.

  • The A Vector Potential replaces all other Induction Laws when it is moving dynamically like Richard Feynman said.

  • By using the coil winding direction vs. the direction of Dynamic Movement of the A Vector Potential we can determine the direction of flow of current in the coils. Just follow the arrows.

  • The Coils on the Core need to see a change that is in addition to the A Vector Potential and not opposing or there will be a dead short.

  • The Dynamic Movement of the A Vector Potential must be thought of when winding and connecting the coils, not any coil will do.

  • Additional Coils can be added to further assist the Dynamic Movement of the A Vector Potential with further Feed Back and Feed Forward techniques.

  • Its possible that there may be a point where no more A Vector Oscillation can be of benefit to the device.

  • It is shown that the coils drive each other. This can be greatly optimised by refining turns, wire gauge and so on.


  • There is a Sweet spot for best performance. The Sweet spot is where the input current is not changed by connection of the Self oscillating Coils and also where the Load is increased by the connection of these coils. The Sweet Spot is found by sweeping the frequency and checking the self oscillating coils by connecting/disconnecting them.


  • Don't over drive the device. To see this effect there is a point where the A Vector Potential starts moving. This is the starting point. I suspect there is a point where no more A Vector Potential movement will have any effect on the Coils. A this point the device is being over driven and you will see no effect at all. This is the most important consideration of all.



Combine the above information with the famous schematic of the VTA and we seem to see a big similarity.

and the schematic of the Self Assisted Oscillating Coils:

See a similarity here?

Remember Walt Rosenthal said: "The VTA "likes" to always see a minimum load of 25 watts."

Please remember, my setup is very crude, but it works. I have been experimenting on this stuff for years so if you don't get it working first time then its try and try again. E-Mail me if you need help. You must understand the A Vector Potential to make this work.

This does work, it is very important, its the start of something big. As yet I still don't fully understand it but I am working on solutions to the questions.